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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reflections on ARTEL

A seriously cool, seemingly underground LA TACO website, which seems to gravitate towards posting colorful pictures of grafitti covering numerous LA walls, uncluding our theatre's, though it also posts reviews of events, restaurants, music, theater and more, had this to say about our last Gogol-Mogol (well... our first Gogol-Mogol):

The advertisement said ‘ARTEL’ would perform songs, poems, etudes and compositions in English and, most importantly to me, Russian. I yearned for the show to fire-up, and the performers to shoot me straight to paradiseka with one lick or two of their caressing, yet ardent, native tongue. But in the tradition of the Grotowski and Gardzienice theater groups from Poland, this Laboratory Ensemble didn’t want me to go anywhere…they wanted me to stay right there with them, using one unlikely trick to keep us cemented to our seats: They didn’t say a word. READ MORE