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Sunday, August 26, 2007

GOGOL-MOGOL IV Aftermath: Comments, Pictures, Video

Pictures are HERE!
photography by Annie Appel,

Dear Audience: Friends Old and New!

Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences at Gogol-Mogol IV by clicking on the Comment Button at the bottom of this blog entry, or by e-mailing us at Your feedback is highly important to us, as we exist and create through a dialogue, contact, and sharing.

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These are some quotes from emails we have received about our GOGOL MOGOL IV:
"I can't remember when we had a more perfect night. Thank you for inviting us to a wonderful performance/happening with the coolest people. ARTEL has really inspired us to explore and expand our meaning of community."
- T Tanabe

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! for the most enjoyable evening we have had in years. So many poeple forget that art and theatre is for people to meet and.. if possible .. to have fun! You Guys are fantastic!"
- J Klass

" Thanks so much for last night. LOVED THE SHOW!!!!!!! ARTEL must NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, leave L.A.!!!!!"
- Frankie

"...Congrats on a terrific show! I really admire and respect all of the work you guys are doing, especially in this culturally vacant city, it means a lot! Look forward to seeing your upcoming work at Highways. Break a leg!"
- John Sinner

"...that was amazing, you guys have something insanely special."
- B Canning