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Monday, December 10, 2007


Thank you all for coming to our performances of Variation #50 at Highways Performance Space this last weekend! It was an honor and pleasure to share our work with you and hear such wonderful feedback from all of you! Please keep it coming!

Please, send us your thoughts and comments on what has stuck with you; what you might be missing; what ideas, images, and/or questions our performance helped provoke. The audience is the jury, the co-creator of the event and it really means a great deal to us to hear what your process is and what we all created that night. In fact, if you can tell us what night you came, we would appreciate it. And we would be especially interested in knowing if our work has sparked any thoughts on Russian and/or American culture, history, politics, etc.

please send to

Thank you again for creating two magical evenings with us!
Please come support the LA Physical Theatre Arts Festival at our home base ART/Works Theatre before it runs out (dec 23rd)!
We will be posting more info on our recent experiences with Teatr Zar as well as where Variation #50 will be going from here in the coming weeks!