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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Visit to Odin Teatret, September 2006

Coming back from Odin Teatret in October was expectedly propitious. The history of a theatrical ensemble existing for over 40 years, which is still creatively instigating transformation with the system of performance barters in various 3rd world countries and beyond, with the social engagement in their hometown of Holstebro, with the development of a sense of community of the ancient order, with the deep investigation of the art of the performer, - is beyond inspiring, it's purpose-affirming for our group.

We are like baby elephants looking up to Matriarchs: Odin, Gardzienice, Maly Teatr, Derevo. It's an exciting time, Artel is living in the throat of the sociopathic America, in the region of Los Angeles, which spins Maya's tales, like the media siren-slut that she is. Oh, America, you greedily destroy nature, culture, memory, in the name of the bottom line, as those bottoms are getting fatter and fatter!

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