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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Giving Voice

In April, Olya attended the 11 International Giving Voice Festival hosted in Wroclaw, Poland in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute and the Giving Voice festival producers, the Centre for Performance Research (CPR).

This stunning ten day event presented workshops, work demonstrations and evening concerts by a range of artists organized around Grotowski's work with voice and action as well as the growing concern of where and how to continue passing vocal traditions on to younger artists.

Not only was this Olya's first solo trip to Wroclaw, allowing for more particular relations to be built between Artel and the Grotowski Institute, but she also had the pleasure of meeting Judie Christie whose CPR has been an inspiration and model for our modest [via]Corpora House.

Beyond being immersed in a mixture of vocal practices, Olya worked with Theatre Lalishlabor and continued our previous year's explorations with Natalka Polyvinka of Maisternia Pisni.

Thank you to Jarek Fret, Judie Christie and Ditte Berkeley for making Olya's attendance possible.

For the list of practitioners hosted and more information:

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