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Friday, May 22, 2009

US Artists Initiative

Artel is honored to announce its acceptance into the US Artists Initiative, part of the UNESCO sponsored Year of Grotowski International Theater Event, The World as Place of Truth.

This amazing program is the work of Arden 2 in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute to bring 30+ US Artists to Wroclaw, Poland during an inspirational festival celebrating the life and work of Jerzy Grotowksi. The festival will host performances, films, and dialogues of world renowned practitioners (Peter Brook , Anatoly Vasiliev, Pina Bausch, Krystan Lupa, Eugenio Barbo, Theodorus Terzopulous, Tadaski Suzuki, Teatr Zar, Maisternia Pisni, etc.). The US Artists Initiative is an opportunity for a varied group of American theatre practitioners to attend the festival and to meet and discuss 21C theatre outside their homeland and habitual context.

Alongside the phenomenal experience of being in Wroclaw for such an event, the US Artists' Initiative is designed to create opportunities for dialogue and hopefully a little experimentation around the work seen throughout the festival. During the two week+ festival, Artel has been asked to lead a session on theater-laboratories and contemporary practice for the group of US Artists. We look forward to engaging the many fantastic companies and practitioners that have been working in the US for years in this discussion to investigate the potentials of 21 C theater .

We will post updates later in the summer.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Joanna Klass and Rachel Jendrzejewski for their vision and dedication to make this a reality.

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