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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Artel invited to Poland!

In November 2007, three members of Teatr Zar graced Artel's studio to lead us in a five hour workshop. This meeting was born in Wroclaw last summer during the Institute's Atelier between Bryan and Matej Matejka. Originally envisioned as three days of 8 hours, practicalities allowed for the one five hour day with Matej, Przemek Blaszczak and Kamila Klamut sharing a variety of daily physical exercises aimed at increasing concentration, trust, mutuality, coordination and psycho-physical expansion of expression.

Over the next few days, Artel found time to share conversations, songs, and a small showing of Bulgakov material with all of Teatr Zar, deepening our understanding of each others' work and vision. As all good meetings should, ours ended with a gentle sadness in our hearts fueled only by the commitment to meet again soon for a longer, more in-depth time.

In January, Artel received a formal invitation to Poland to work with Teatr Zar and friends of the Grotowski Institute, thus the Open Doors project was born! Open Doors is an establishing of relations between Artel, the Instititute, its resident theatre, its theatre associates, and its extensive Archives. Practically Open Doors is a two week intensive worksession (late July in Wroclaw and Brzezinka) between Matej Matejka, members of Teatr Zar, Ukrainian song theater Maisternia Pisni, and Artel to expand our expressive abilities, hone the Bulgakov material and develop our modes of creation!

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