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Friday, February 29, 2008

Bulgakov's Law of the Conservation of Matter

Our performances at Highways in early December were precisely what we needed for making the next leap (today!) towards the Bulgakov performance we have been envisioning for the last two years!

Thank you all for coming out and supporting us in such numbers!
Two superb writers penned articles on the evenings, if you missed them, please see the Press section on the right side of our blog

Over the last few months, we have been taking the generous feedback we received from all of you as well as our own experiences of performing the two evenings and returning to the intensive work in the studio of shaping the Bulgakov material into the most concise, dynamic performance possible.

Our major concerns, besides our ever demanding vision of intensifying our physical and vocal edges in order to challenge our accepted forms of expression, have been the clarification of the story -- How much of the story is about Bulgakov and how much of it is about what Bulgakov inspires in us?

The big questions of Censorship, Transmission, the Role of the Artist, Terror and the Shaping of Consciousness, History and Man's Questionable Evolution have been gaining specificity and sharpness the longer we sit with them.

The fears of creating another theatrical biography are giving way as we find the more connected we are to the personal details and anecdotes of Bulgakov's life as well as emphasize the context around his writing career, especially his three marriages, the brighter the themes that brought us to the material in the first place shine.

We are preparing to show you all the new endeavor in mid-May.

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