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Friday, February 29, 2008

Artel to host one of Russia's "zasluzhenniy deyatel" (national treasure)

Evgenia Osipovna Zasimova, professor of solo folk singing and dance at the Moscow State University of Arts and Culture and founder of folk ensemble Karagod, is coming to Los Angeles to work with Artel!

This visit is quite an honor for us.

Ms. Zasimova has been leading expeditions to Russian villages to learn ancient and traditional songs, dances and games for over twenty-five years. Her ensemble, Karagod, performs at some of the most prestigious concert halls in Russia and abroad as well as provides music and musicology for numerous film and theater productions.

We greatly anticipate our first collective work with a Russian master. Not only will we be able to learn how to sing directly from the woman whose CD's have been teaching us many of the songs we have been sharing at our Gogol-Mogols but we will also deepen our experience, knowledge and perspective of both Russia and America.

Ms. Zasimova is looking forward to meeting and sharing her wisdom with the larger community of Los Angeles artists as well. Artel's [via]Corpora will host a weekend of vocal-movement workshops with her at our studio, March 15 and 16. See for more details.

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